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And of course there are The Floods and The Dragons

up Space the final Effrontery Space The Final Effrontery was published by Lothian Books in May 2005.

This not-at-all-sequel sequel to Future Eden follows the spaceship Desperalda and it's crew - Jay, Kay, The Blind Piano Tuner and Ethel the Chicken on their quest through deep space for 'The Perfect Hour'. Introducing your favourite and mine the loony sage Nostrodamus and the famous fortuneteller Loudpyss the Dampf.

up How To Live Forever How To Live Forever was published by Random House Australia in July 2004.

H2L4E (which is what we all call How To Live Forever) is a novel based on my picture book with the same title. A mysterious book called How to Live Forever is supposed to hold the key to eternal life, but only The Ancient Child holds the key to this and to a life-enhancing truth. Peter is sent on a labyrinthine journey to find The Ancient Child.

This book won the 2004 Aurealis Award for longer children's fiction. It was published in Brasil in 2006 and the government have bought 26,000 copies to give to all the schools - same as they did with Pepper Dreams

How To Live Forever

up Sid The Mosquito Pepper Dreams was published by Hodder Headline Australia in March 2003.

At the age of 12, Max is sent off to stay with his granny, who he has never met. Arriving at her huge mysterious house, Savernake, he soon realises he has come to a strange and mystical place. Discovering an old cardboard submarine, he sails to the island of Nymphaea which is ruled by King Trevor the 441st of 442nd. He is greeted like a hero and makes friends with everyone he meets, including Neville the dog, The Sandwich Girl and many other strange and wonderful people and animals . . . .

ISBN : 0-7336-1596-1

up Sid The Mosquito Sid The Mosquito was first published by Hodder Headline in 1993.

It had been no fun wriggling around in the pond as a larva and the only thing that had kept Sid going had been the thought of biting a nice human leg.

Sid the Mosquito isn't the only one exploring the delights of an abandoned house and overgrown garden. Derek the Rat is sniffing out old socks for supper. Ethel the Chicken is busy trying to persuade the world she is not an orange. While down by the pond an angry mosquito is thirsting for blood.


(ISBN : 0-340-59290-7)

up Attila The Bluebottle Attila The Bluebottle was first published by Hodder Headline in January 1995.

Flies don't live long enough to sit and think about things too much. They never have to think about money or clean shoes. Life for flies is very simple.

For Attila the Bluebottle and the rest of the garden creatures life was very simple, until human beings started moving back into the empty house. Ethel the Chicken is trying to hatch golf balls. Arnold the Mouse is spending more time in the mouse trap than out. While over in the dustbin an inquisitive bluebottle is in for a nasty surprise.


(ISBN : 0-340-61995-3)

up Venus The Caterpillar Venus The Caterpillar was first published by Hodder Headline in February 1996.

Venus had never seen the moon before and she couldn't take her eyes off it. Its blue light poured down through the trees and bathed the garden in peaceful silence.

Venus the Caterpillar has fallen in love with the moon. No matter where she looks she is hypnotised by its magical light. Frank the Ant has a terrible headache, and he just wants to be left alone. Joey the Budgerigar is having a bath in the dog's bowl. While inside the greenhouse, a confused caterpillar is planning the journey of a lifetime.


(ISBN : 0-340-61996-1)

up The Haunted Suitcase The Haunted Suitcase was first published by Hodder Headline in October 1996.

In a small seaside town on the South Coast, on the edge of an ancient harbour stood a tall dark house. It was the oldest building in the town and where it stood there had been other even older buildings before it.

Inside the old house the Haunted Suitcase is churning out every lost sock in the world. The old sea dog, Dogbreath Magroo, had spent centuries spreading hairs. In the bathroom, the Plughole Fairy is causing chaos. And Ethel The Chicken who died in Venus the Caterpillar is floating through eternity over Tasmania.

(ISBN : 0-340-64849-X)

up Castle Twilight Castle Twilight was first published by Hodder Headline in October 1997.

Hidden between cold black mountains deep in the heart of one of those dark forgotten countries in Eastern Europe, was an ancient castle.

King Marmite and Queen Anaglypta with their beautiful children, Princess Chocolate and Prince Bert, rule over a strange land. Meddler and Leaky, two blind witches, keep an 'eye' on everyone while Creepeasy the Butler plots the downfall of the King. High on the castle roof, Andrew the Giant Tadpole is stirring in his tank and down in the potting shed a group of rebellious undergardeners are trying to call up the devil. . .

(ISBN : 0-340-64850-3)

up WILD STORIES was first published in the US by Kane Miller in 2009 and will be published in Australia by Random House in September 2010.

This is ALL the stories from Sid the Mosquito, Attila the Bluebottle and Venus the Caterpillar together in one big book.

The US cover is on the left and the Australian on the right.

(US ISBN : 978-1-933605-88-3) (Aus ISBN : 978-1-86471-826-3)


up The Second Forever The Second Forever was published by Random House Australia in June 2012.

This is the second novel in the How to Live Forever Trilogy.

I am writing the third and final novel - The End of Forever - but I have the faintest ides when it will be finished, though I am going to make sure it doesn't take 8 years like this one did!


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