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To download any of these pictures click on the small illustration. Some of the pictures are quite large so they may take a while to download.

PLEASE NOTE - These pictures are copyright. You may download them and print them for your own personal use but if you wish to use them in any commercial way please get in touch with me first.

Here is a bookplate to stick in all your books

This is one of the first colour illustrations I did. It's never been used in a book, though I have written a story to go with it which is a chapter in a book I'm working on.

This is one of six black and white drawings I did after not drawing at all for almost twenty years. It was these pictures that I took to show publishers in London when I thought it might be quite a cool thing to illustrate some books. I was told by all of them that they never used black and white illustrations.
This is the first picture I drew of Café Max. I think it was about 1989.

This picture - He followed the path into the shadows and made a small hotel - is one of a series I'm drawing for a book I'm working on called - Amy Bumped Into The Twilight.

I haven't shown it to a publisher yet as it might be quite a while before I get the book finished,

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