Drawing on the computer

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I'm drawing my next two picture books - The Violin Man and Colin Thompson's Castles - on the computer. It isn't any quicker. In fact bits of it are taking longer, but it lets me do things that are difficult or even impossible using pens and paper. BUT THE BEST THING IS - If I make a mistake, I can fix it. Also I can move things around, flip them back to front and change them in almost any way I want.

Every bit of this picture was drawn on an Apple Mac using Photoshop 7 with a little bit of Studio Artist. I've tried to make the picture look like the illustrations I drew in the 'old fashioned' way with pens and water colours, though it now looks at lot more realistic. You have to be careful when you're drawing like this not to get carried away with all the clever tricks the computer can do. Computers can't make you into an artist, they can only help you express your ideas like a pencil or an airbrush can.

Click in the picture below to see more detail of the picture from The Violin Man

The Violin Man - Picture 3

And the picture below is from Colin Thompson's Castles

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