Café Max

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This is the original Max. He was born in Carlisle in the North of England in 1984. My daughters, Hannah and Alice, and I went to the animal refuge to get a kitten but they were all in quarantine so we got Max and eighteen fleas. He was so small he could sit in the palm of my hand and his hobbies included eating as much as possible and sleeping under the bed covers.

Sadly he died in December 1997 at the age of fourteen. On the night he died a familiar silhouette was seen on the face of the full moon to show us that he is still around. He will, of course, keep on appearing in my picture books and the The Last Alchemist is dedicated to him.

 NEWSFLASH!! - Max has got a Fan Club - Come and see


This is Max as he appears in my picture books. If you search you can find him on almost every page.
And this is Max's Café which you will also find in my picture books.

There are other things that keep appearing in my pictures. See what else you can find just a quick plane ride away.

Some people have asked me what the food is like at Café Max so I think it's time we had a menu. What do YOU think would be on the menu? Send your food and drink ideas to and we'll a menu for the world's greatest café.

I know that the burgers are 'Inside-Out Burgers' which are two slices of meat - one beef, one frog - on the outside with a slice of bread in the middle. This means you have to put the ketchup on the outside and your hands get disgustingly sticky. If you're lucky, Max himself will come and lick them clean.

If you click on the door of Café Max - on the left - you can read the world's most disgusting menu which was written by Class 9 at Robert Le Kyng Primary School, Wiltshire England. It will probably make you want to throw up into a paper bag - a very big paper bag. I know I did, and what made it worse was that Max was asleep inside the paper bag at the time.

This is Max 2. His full name is Max2NR (NR - No relation) He was born on October 17th 2003 and came to live with us in January 2004. Unlike Max 1 who was half whippet/half mystery, Max2 is all whippet, but he is very, very like Max 1 in his personality and little habits - clever, very affectionate and very handsome.

Saturday 22nd October 2005 - Here is Max with his 2 brothers - Rocket and Kelly, 2 of his 3 sisters Poppy and Alswa and their mum - Bella at their 2nd birthday party. Guess which one is Max.
January 2012 - Just before Christmas a Brush Turkey came to live in our garden and Max, who is now 8 and never bothers any other animals, decided it was his job to chase it. Suddenly he fell over crying very loudly in terrible pain. Whippets and greyhounds are built with a design fault! Max snapped the back of his heel off and cracked two other bones just from running awkwardly! We had to take him down to Sydney - over 500 km. away - to a specialist surgeon and now he has a metal plate, two screws and six pins in his leg!

If you go to the Pictures to Download page you can get a copy of the very first picture of Café Max

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